About Us:

When you’re dealing with us, you can be sure of getting the top perfect quality for every digitizing assignments. We have put in place multiple layered quality control processes to ensure supreme quality and highest standards. We are using latest industry standard software and contemporary technical resources t ensure quality output. Layered phases of quality check ensure that every assignment is completed within the given instructions and is free of any error. Each and every stitch and curve is made with absolute care and consideration so you get the nothing but the best digitization work every time.

Happy Customers


Wilcom, Melco, Pulse etc.99%
Adobe Illustrator , Photoshop, Corel Draw.95%
Customer Support.97%

Welcome to Navera Digitizing! We are an American based company that offers vectorizing and digitizing services. We can take whatever artwork you may have available and recreate it in a clean, vectorized format so it is ready for a wide variety of printing purposes. We offer competitive pricing and quality graphic designing services. Furthermore, we are based in the U.S. where you can contact a friendly customer service representative with any of your questions or concerns about your artwork. We emphasize this because many of our current customers came to us after being frustrated by using an overseas company and not being able to effectively communicate the particular specifications of various jobs. We understand that each customer has unique needs and custom requests which often require a substantial amount of interaction and communication.

Navera Digitizing! is a high-quality embroidery digitizing service provider based in the US that is providing services for logo digitizing, photo digitizing, seals digitizing, and many more art work at affordable prices. It has so many satisfied customers not only from the US but also Canada, Australia and the UK.

Our Vision:

What is Our Vision?

It was strongly the need of the time to change our plan of giving good quality embroidery and vector art at reasonable and affordable prices as the price war was very severe, but we fix our self to our original goal and original vision. It’s all done because of our respectable customers who have rewarded us with their continuous support year after year. It was not only for the approval of our embroidery digitizing business and vector art services but also it’s a demand for good quality digitizing and customer service.

Our Story of Success:

We start our business from a house digitizing studio in the year 2003 and now it is a successful running company among all competitors. We got this high rank in embroidery digitizing, embroidery design and vector art experience by our continuous struggle and efforts to make the most attractive and beautiful embroidery designs.

We always offer quality work and great services to you. We have delivered over 25,000 outstanding logos!

What we do to get the best quality?

For getting best quality embroidery digitizing we prepare art work and then digitizer must decide on the sequence of stitches in the design from start to finish, called “patching. Patching can affect the final quality of the embroidered design. Next, the digitizer must decide on the stitch types for each section of the design. These include fill stitch, satin (column) stitch and running stitch, and their variations. At the end it is “compensation”. More specifically, there are “pull compensation” and “push compensation”. These are embroidery digitizing techniques used to compensate the distortion (pull or push) caused by the interaction of the needle, thread, backing and machine tensions.

We pride ourselves on having a group of well trained, quick turnaround, skilled embroidery digitizers who know what they are doing. Our digitizers are our heroes because with their help, expertise, and hard work we became able to provide our customers with excellent digitizing quality and brilliant customer service, year after year and well into the future.


You guys are great! I really like your services and quality with great easy supports. Thanks for all your help. I will use your services in future again!- Mal, Threads Embroidery
I want to thank ya'll for doing a WONDERFUL job on this particular artwork from what I sent ya'll made it look incredible !! Thanks - Heather, Custom Logoware
Hey Mark! I got the design and it looks GREAT!!!! Top notch job!!! I'm just glad I don't have to search for digitizer anymore. I'm definitely going to send all of my designs to you for now on thank you.- David, Grant’s Custom Embroidery
I wanted to take a minuet and tell you and your team a BIG Thank you for your GREAT digitizing you supply to us. We do many conversions of customer’s photographs to embroidery and with your keen eye and attention to style, we always have a great sew out. And of course your turnaround time is phenomenal! If our customers are happy, we are happy and we owe it to you guys. Thanks and many more to come.- Michael , CD Embroidery